Russian Industries Overseas Egypt
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About RIO Egypt
The project is being developed as part of an intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Federation and the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is part of the national project "International Cooperation and Export".

A professional management company manages and organizes interaction with representatives of the Suez Canal zone.

The Russian Industrial Zone is represented by two sites, one of which is located in the north of Egypt, on the eastern bank of the Suez Suez Canal. The second is on the shore of the Red Sea in the area of Ain Sukhna. The total planned area of sites - 525 hectares. Developed transport and port infrastructure.

Egypt trade agreements provide additional opportunities for the supply of goods to countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America.

RIO is a platform not only for Russian companies to enter new markets in Africa and the Middle East, but also for increasing supplies, including to Europe and Asia.

The Russian industrial zone is a territory of new opportunities for the development of your business. The necessary infrastructure will be created within the framework of the site, and the conditions for the successful implementation of any type of project. From opening a representative office to creating a full-fledged production.
Greenfield plots

Greenfield Plots free to build and connected to
all necessary communications. The size of land is determined by the needs of residents.
Ready made modules
Brownfield plots - Lessee is provided with a finished building or space in an existing modular building. The types of premises vary from offices to
large production facilities
Objects of social infrastructure
The presence of the exhibition complex, hotels for residents, park areas, sports facilities and recreation places
First phase development - 25 Ha
The first stage of development is a combination of Greenfield and Brownfield territories in Ain Sukhna. The first phase is provided with all the necessary infrastructure, a protected area, a developed road network. A full-fledged industrial cluster will be formed already in the first phase of the project
Potential target markets for residents of the Russian Industrial Zone
RIZ as a single platform
RIZ will become a platform not only for Russian companies to enter the markets of Africa and the Middle East, but also to increase supplies, including to Europe and Asia, as well as countries that are part of trade agreements.
Most African countries are at a higher level of development than 15-20 years ago, and overall growth will remain sustainable over the next decade. Much of Africa will have good opportunities to accelerate growth.
Facilities for residents
100% foreign ownership in relation to companies (I have no requirement for an Egyptian partner / joint venture).
100% foreign management of import / export operations (there is no requirement for a licensed local exporter / importer).
Duty-free deliveries of equipment, components, components, etc. for the production needs of SCZone (not subject to customs, excise and other duties and fees, not subject to VAT).
When exporting finished products from SCZone to Egypt, taxes and duties are taxed only on foreign components in the composition of the product, but not on the entire finished product.
The possibility of 100% repatriation of income.
The restriction for companies in the RPZ is no more than 10% of foreign workers in the workplace. It is possible to increase by a separate decision of SCZone management.
Obtaining Made in Egypt labeling on products (subject to compliance with the requirements for gradual localization).

corporate tax - 22.5% (The possibility of obtaining discounts of up to 50% on corporate taxes, up to 80% of the registered capital).
the ability to compensate for staff training costs.
The possibility of obtaining preferences and discounts when using the SCZone port infrastructure, and when transporting goods through the Suez Canal, (to / from RPZ)
In a present time Negotiations are ongoing with the Egyptian side to secure additional preferential and preferential conditions for RPZ resident companies.
How to become a resident of the Russian Industrial Zone in the Suez Canal Economic Zone of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Preparation of documentation
RIO Egypt representatives will provide all necessary information and help in preparing documents
Signing of preliminary residency agreement
3-sided agreement: Russian Export Center - Ministry of Industry and Trade - Resident
Preparation of documentation for incorporation of the company in Egyptian jurisdiction
documentation support from RIO Egypt
Signing of residency agreement
Companies participating in the project and signing an agreement of intent
Our contacts
Russian Federation, Moscow
+7 963 751 55 44
Egypt, Cairo
+20 100 901 43 83
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